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If you’ve got a messy lawn in the Southeast Michigan Area, it’s time to book our yard waste removal!

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Everyone loves a good yard. It’s a good place for the kids to go out and play, to have a barbecue, or to enjoy a few drinks around a raging bonfire. However, sometimes, enjoying a yard isn’t so simple. Sometimes, there’s yard debris there to ruin the fun. This is especially true here in Southeast Michigan, where the occasional strong storm blows through. This often results in your yard being showered in all kinds of debris in addition to the rain. No fun!

Obviously, you want your yard and landscaping to look their best. However, a yard waste pile can ruin that fast, so when you need yard waste removal services, it’s time to contact Veteran Junk Removal. Our team of seasoned professionals has been cleaning the community’s yards for a long time now, and we want you to be our next satisfied customer!

Veteran Junk Removal Crew Standing in Junk Removal Truck

Why Our Yard Waste Pick Up?

Hauling waste and debris isn’t most people’s idea of a fun time. However, at Veteran Junk Removal, it’s what we do best. We take pride in our work, too, because someone’s got to keep these yards cleaned up! If a storm has blown through and left your yard a mess, you should contact us. In fact, if you’re dealing with any kind of yard waste at all, we’re here to help. This includes sticks, branches, tree stumps, trash that the wind blows in… we’ll even haul away your lawn furniture if you’d like us to. Long story short, we provide all kinds of junk removal services, so whatever’s in your yard, we can take it.

One of the biggest perks of choosing us is the fact that we’ll save you from doing this tough physical labor yourself. After all, you probably don’t want to head out there with a rake and a garbage bag. So don’t. Instead, grab a snack and feel free to watch us do the work for you. We have keen attention to detail, so trust us when we say we’ll make sure every square foot of your lawn is clean and clutter-free. Your guests will love how it looks once we’re done, so you may even want to consider hosting a grill out.

Scheduling a yard waste pick up is simple, too! You can let us know you’d like our help by contacting us online. Additionally, you can also give us a call at 888-838-4285. Either way, we’d love to learn more about the yard waste you’re dealing with so we can swing by and pick it up soon.

veteran junk removal truck full of boxes and other items

Our Yard Waste Removal Services Process

  1. At the beginning of the appointment, we’ll be there right on time because late appearances aren’t fashionable no matter what anyone says. Expect our courtesy call.
  2. Learn the cost of a yard waste clean up service from the get-go thanks to our upfront quotes. You’ll never have to wait until the end of the appointment to know what you owe us.
  3. Provided that you’re okay with our quoted price, we’ll get to work. Feel free to watch as our full-service crew gathers up the yard waste and loads it onto our truck. It’s simple!
  4. Finally, we’ll take the yard waste away for disposal at a local transfer station. Please, enjoy your newly clean yard. We hope you like what we’ve done for you!

Brush Removal

When brush starts encroaching on your property, you might wonder what you’re supposed to do about it. Images of those safari movies where adventurers hack away at vines with machetes might come to mind. Well, that’s not exactly how it works, but you’re not completely far off. Instead of mindlessly hacking our way through the jungle, we’ll take a careful approach where we use hedge trimmers, saws, and axes to cut away the brush, depending on how thick it is and whether there are some small saplings in the mix that need to go as well. Then, we’ll take all the brush to our truck. Tada! No more brush invading your yard thanks to our yard waste removal services.

Leaf Removal

Removing leaves isn’t just a job for the autumn. It’s something that you might need during winter and spring, too, because those leaves don’t always just disappear on their own. Need help managing the pile? Then we’ll be there, armed with rakes and ready to work.

However, we also understand that leaves are biodegradable. In other words, cramming them into plastic bags and sending them to the landfill would be an immense disservice to the environment. The nearby transfer station also has a compost facility, though, and it’s here where your leaves will be able to break down and return to the earth just as nature intended. We can be eco-friendly without turning your yard into a compost bin!

Tree Trunk Removal

Removing tree trunks can be a doozy, but we’re willing to do it. However, you should know that it’s a very labor-intensive project. What we basically need to do is dig below the tree trunk and unearth the roots from the soil. It doesn’t sound like much, but for large trunks, those roots can go down deep!

Once the tree trunk has been removed, what’s left over? Well, a big old hole, that’s what. Don’t worry, though. We’ll be sure to fill it back up once we’re done. After we’ve patted it down, it’ll be level with the rest of your yard again. You won’t even realize there used to be a tree trunk there.

About Us

For yard waste removal services from veterans you can trust, you can’t go wrong with Veteran Junk Removal. Our business was founded because our community deserves something better than what the franchises offer. Wouldn’t you like to be greeted by neighbors who are happy to meet you? Don’t you want to work with a company that genuinely cares? If so, choose us, and support your local economy in the process!

When you schedule service with us, you can rest easy, knowing our team of dedicated professionals is already formulating the best “attack plan” to take on your yard debris. What’s more, we vow to provide service that is both fast and affordable. You can’t go wrong with saving both time and money!

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  • review rating
    Marla Poirier

    This company is top-notch! We hired them to take all the stuff out of my Mother-in-laws house. They emailed a confirmation, they called 30 minutes before arriving and showed up on time. Keith and Travis were awesome guys! They knew what they were doing. They were personable and professional. We truly appreciated everything they did for us. We live in Louisiana but I would recommend them to everyone I know. Great company and great people!

  • review rating
    Christine Hergren

    These guys are great. Offered next day removal. Excellent communication. Picked up truckload of construction debris in less than an hour, brought tools to cut larger pieces to fit in their truck, and the left space spotless. Very reasonable pricing. Would definitely use again!

  • review rating
    Dean Gardner

    Just finished a house and garage clean out with Keith and Travis from Veterans Junk Removal. A+ for every step of the process, from my initial phone call to the loaded truck driving away. Hard working, friendly, polite, the team and company met all promises stated on the website. Highly recommend.

  • review rating
    Erin Shadwell

    Keith and Travis were so professional, polite and helpful. They were on time, efficient and gave me additional tips on donating other items. The price quoted was spot on with the actual charge. Highly recommend!

  • review rating
    Paula Jodrey

    Very professional and friendly.
    Great experience, cleaned up the construction debris from my backyard. Will use them again for my basement clean out. Thank you again.

  • review rating
    Sharon Karolski

    I can’t say enough good things about this company. They are fair, honest, respectful, and professional. Not to mention that the company is owned by Veterans, and employs Veterans. Being a military spouse and daughter, this means a lot to me. Thank you again!!!

  • review rating
    Carol Campau

    Great guys to work with! On time and very careful moving items out. Highly recommend Veterans Junk Removal. Call them if you need fast, reasonably priced work from a couple of really nice people. Thank you

  • review rating
    Debra Mezigian

    Excellent service from veteran junk removal. Consistent follow-up by phone, text and email throughout the process. Very fair pricing for large pieces of furniture and all. Keith was extremely nice and considerate. Appreciate his time and follow-up on quotes.

  • review rating
    Amanda Halula

    Our company worked with Veteran Junk Removal for a client of ours. They were prompt, personal and competitively priced. 10/10 would recommend

  • review rating
    TidySmart Organizing Solutions

    Great experience! Very impressed with quick turn around and professionalism to complete the work for our project. We will be using Veteran Junk Removal for sure in the future to help with our clients’ projects!


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