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Wondering how to get rid of old furniture? At first, our furniture is beautiful and eagerly used by the whole household. After all, who can resist the allure of a new sofa, entertainment center, or rocking chair? However, after time goes on, once-new furniture can age in ways we don’t like. Furniture can break down, go out of style, or just somehow lose its popularity among the household. When this happens, you may finally realize that even though you once loved that furniture, you now want it gone.

This is especially the case here in Southeast Michigan. We are a community that prides itself on our gorgeous scenery, humble towns, and of course, our tightly knit families. Furniture is often the cornerstone of these families. Think about the chairs you sit in while playing board games and the sofas you lounge on while watching movies. So when furniture replacement is in order, contact Veteran Junk Removal for the furniture removal services you need.

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Why Our Furniture Disposal?

When you are looking for a furniture removal company you can trust, you should get in touch with Veteran Junk Removal! As our name implies, we are a veteran-owned junk removal force that prioritized providing you, the customer, with a fantastic experience. What this means is that when you have a house full of old furniture that you need help cleaning out, we’ll bring our best efforts to the table so you can be fully satisfied.

We have been called in for many furniture removal jobs in the past, so needless to say, we’ve got the experience required to call ourselves professionals. We understand the ins and outs of the work, and we know how to maneuver your furniture through the halls without making any scuff marks on the walls. Even going up and down flights of stairs won’t stop us from doing what we need to do!

You may be wondering what furniture items we’ll remove. There are many examples, including, but not limited to, chairs, tables, desks, beds, and more! All in all, if it’s furniture, we’ll haul it. Just point, and we’ll make it disappear.

veteran junk removal experts standing in front of junk removal truck

Our Furniture Removal Process

  1. Arrival. Every appointment begins with our junk removal truck pulling in. Don’t worry, though, because we won’t sneak up on you. Expect our courtesy call before we arrive.
  2. Quote. After saying hello, show us the furniture you’re trying to get rid of to receive an upfront quote. Our prices are based on volume, and there are never hidden fees. Our cost of furniture removal is always fair!
  3. Haul. Next, we’ll haul that furniture out the door. Where’s it all going, anyway? Into our truck, of course. That way, we can dispose of it after your appointment.
  4. Disposal. We will only dump your furniture if necessary. We much prefer donating your unwanted furniture to charity organizations near us.

Sofa Removal

Perhaps the single most requested furniture item for removal we hear about is the sofa. It makes a lot of sense, too. Sofas are kind of heavy, and they generally require at least two people to move. Even if you have two people, that doesn’t change the fact that they’re bulky and awkwardly shaped. Add a flight of stairs to the mix, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for disaster if amateurs are handling the work. This is another great reason why to rely on the furniture removal services offered by us!

When you need a sofa removed, just tell us about it. We’ll be there with everything we need for the job, which is often as simple as having two or three staff members who aren’t afraid of heavy lifting. We’ll lift the sofa off the floor and haul it right out the door. You won’t even have to hold the door for us because our full-service staff handle all the labor, even the stuff that doesn’t seem like it. Best of all, we’ll sweep up after ourselves, too. That way, there’s not a mount of dust and spare change left behind where the sofa used to be.

There are many different kinds of sofas, and we can remove all of them for you. Some examples include recliners, sectional sofas, love seats, and even those handy little footrests that often get paired with sofas. Above all else, know that if your sofa isn’t making you comfortable anymore, give us a call, and we’ll remove it for you right away.

Bed Removal

Removing beds is an interesting process because it actually consists of the removal of several items. Of course, there are the bed sheets, which you can strip off the bed before we arrive if you wish to keep them. On top of that, there’s the bedframe, the mattress, and sometimes additional items, like a box spring, or in the case of a bunk bed, a ladder. When you bring us on site to remove an unwanted bed, we will handle the disassembly for you. Then, we’ll take the individual components of the bed down to our truck and load them all up.

Some circumstances that might call for bed removal include when your kids get older or move out. Those twin-sized beds won’t be suitable forever, after all. We mentioned bunk beds earlier, too. Those are often prime candidates for removal after your children grow up and start demanding more space. Don’t worry, because as stated before, we will handle the disassembly. We’ll be sure to donate any items that are still in good condition, too.

About Us

When it comes to junk removal, who would you trust more? A team of clueless beginners, or your local professional veterans? If your answer was the latter rather than the former, then you’ll love what Veteran Junk Removal brings to the table. There’s a reason we gave ourselves this name, and it’s because we are veteran-owned and, just like our men and women in the military, we want to serve you right.

When you choose us, you are choosing a local business that was founded to best serve Southeast Michigan’s homeowners and company owners. Need your furniture removed? You’ve got it. We are more than capable of hauling it away. However, on top of that, we’re also capable of serving you with a smile. You’ll see those smiles right away, too, when you answer the door for us on your appointment day.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

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  • review rating
    Pamela Borek

    I had the pleasure of. using this amazing team for a house clean out. They can did a job. That was difficult with professional and knowledgeable and speed. I can’t say enough good. About this team. Anyone who needs their specialty will not be disappointed. with this great company. This kind of great company is hard to find today. Thank YOU ERIC, HOLLY AND MATT AND TEAM. YOU ARE AMAZING????????

  • review rating
    Mat Dias

    Eric was a professional, quick and had the kind of manners you wish everyone entertaining your home possessed. He and the company were very accommodating in removing my hard to remove objects from my home and property. Local and hard-working. I’ll use them again for all my junk removal needs.

  • review rating
    Kristin Reyer

    They called when they were in the way so we knew they headed to us, arrived on time, and got to work super quick. It’s a real pleasure having them come haul stuff away. Great perks and great company. Have already booked them again for another job, and will continue to in the future anytime we need something hauled away.

  • review rating
    Aaron Floyd

    My first time using junk removal and they main it as easy as possible. They were very nice, quick, and all at a good price. There is no one else I would recommend.

  • review rating
    Blue Daigle

    I could not have asked for a more professional team. Eric and Matt were timely, respectful, knowledgeable and hard working. They went out of their way to ensure that the job was carried out in a way that met the presented need. You will not be disappointed with their service. I already have plans to use them in the future.

  • review rating
    Kate Lollio

    Worth every penny! Veteran Junk Removal got to work and finished the job quickly.. one that would have taken me days and a few ibuprofen to do. Highly recommended!

  • review rating
    Joshua Hollandsworth

    Eric is a very personable guy! They do an amazing job, and have outstanding customer service. I would highly recommend!

  • review rating
    Scott Fernandez

    I had Veteran Junk Removal help clean out our old house during a recent move. Eric and Holly were amazing. They came in and made short work of over 7 years and 3 households worth of junk. I honestly couldn’t have done the work while moving into our new house and they were an enormous help. They even found a good home for a wheelchair and other medical equipment we had no more use for.

  • review rating
    Kimberly K

    I was very pleased with the professionalism, and timely manner the work was completed. They did amazing job within my price range. I would definitely use them in the future.

  • review rating
    Steven Vernon

    Wow first time using this company can’t say how professional they are showed up did everything they say they were going to do and then more very courteous cleaned everything up I would recommend this company to anyone that likes common courtesy and people finishing what they start out to do ……… nice ???? thanks….

  • review rating
    Eric Martin

    I used their services when moving from Michigan to Missouri. Eric was very professional, timely and provided excellent service. This was my 1st time using a junk removal service and Eric did not disappoint. Definitely made my moving a lot easier.

  • review rating
    Tracy B.

    Prompt, professional and friendly. I hired them to remove some old furniture, treadmill, TV and miscellaneous items from the basement. Highly recommend them and will use them again if the need arises.


Veteran Junk Removal will haul your furniture in many service areas including: Dearborn, Detroit, Taylor, and more!